Friday, August 17, 2007

why it's hard to date cyclists

whoa, I was just looking at the staggering amount of men that I know who race bikes who have a blog. What is it with bike racers and their need to discuss every minute detail of their racing and training lives? Are they all (at least the men, sorry guys) totally self-obsessed or what?

Maybe that is why I am not in a serious relationship after all this time . . . I can't imagine getting into settling down with someone whose idea of a vacation is sitting on a beach. To me a vacation involves cycling at least part of the time. Yet I am thinking now that 90% of cyclists are more interested in their bikes and race results than they are in women. And by that I mean 90% of the straight ones. And it would be nice if we could talk about something besides bike parts and upcoming races. I mean that is all great, I spend a fair amount of time thinking about that stuff, but how about everything else that is going on in the world?

And then there are many of them who have chosen professions that allow them to be on their bikes more, which is commendable, but many of these professions do not leave them with much discretionary income. The farther I get from my twenties, the less patient I am for men who don't have their financial house in order. I mean, at least have a plan for christ's sake. I do pretty well on my own, but God knows I don't want to support someone else. . . . unless he is really fast and really good looking. . .

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