Friday, October 26, 2007

and so it begins

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I spents months drooling over gardening catalogs and finally I chose them: the most beautiful bulbs and perennials that money could buy. The problem is in Philadelphia the squirrels are voracious devourers of plant matter, and their favs are bulbs and pansies, apparently. No sooner do I plant my bulbs but there are tell-tale holes all over my front bed.

Not this year, you little rodents from hell.

Last week hours after I planted 150 bulbs we rigged up a really interesting patchwork of chicken wire and salvaged slate panels.

Yes the front garden looks a little white-trashy, but if it works I will be rewarded with a glorious garden come springtime. Madison and I are on the same team, and although Gryphon and Chloe also patrol the rear perimeter for bushy-tailed rodents, Madison is the one that can execute the kill command and actually pluck them off the top of the back fence as they scurry away after raiding the bird feeders. She got one last year, anyway, along with several opossums. I am a little nervous about the edges; they still need to be pinned down but this contraption is my last best hope before I resort to a bb gun and poison. Wish us luck.

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