Saturday, October 13, 2007

cheap psychology #1

the whiteboard

what is it about men? I have had this whiteboard for just about as long as I have owned this house (6 years) because I was tired of losing the little slips of paper where I would write down the groceries I needed. "milk, bread, maple syrup, eggs" you name it. (I know, I am hungry for breakfast right now, sheesh) Then it kinda morphed into a general "shit I need to buy" list of all kinds, so it might also include things along the lines of "windchime, C batteries, bone meal, etc." If I were thinking about it when I reached into the fridge to grab the milk for the coffee in the morning it was on the board.

The crazy thing is that whenever I have a male person in this house, especially, but not necessarily in the presence of alcohol, said man-person cannot resist the squeaky little call of the dry erase marker . . .

Over the years there have been illegible scribblings, love notes, cartoons (mostly sexual, hmm) and dirty messages that I was really glad to have erased before anyone saw them. But most of all what I would see when I finally got around to noticing the board the next day was a sarcastic mimicry of my matter-of-fact juxtapositioning of the aforementioned items. My deviation from the basic, boring grocery list seems to drive my male visitors into a frenzy of creativity, and after all, there it is for everyone to see.

Can you guess which items were added by someone at the tuesday night apres 'cross shindig, dry erase marker in one hand, glass of belgian ale in the other?

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