Friday, October 12, 2007

the cyclocross remount

so I have been taking this cyclocross class taught by Mike & Colin through Cadence and each week and as I have noticed the improvement of every other rider in the class except moi I would vow, fervently, to get my shit together over the weekend and practice practice practice. Each weekend I have had a race, since my season went from April through October, until this one. And lucky me, I have all this extra time now since I am not allowed to ride my bike for 10 days so today I decided to take Ed's Ridley to the local park and do a little work so I could do something on tuesday besides plan the after 'cross afterparty. I could not for the life of me get the freakin' dismount, it seemed so crazy to thread my inside leg between the frame and my other leg (yikes) but with the aid of a chain link fence I was able to get this today. There it was-- the "ah hah" moment when you realize the your perceived incompetence was actually just inexperience tinged with a little fear.

So then it was time to tackle the remount. So there I am out in this field by myself on a windy fall day and I could not remember how the heck I could get myself back on that bike in one fluid motion. When I tried to connect my upper thigh with the saddle I was chagrined to find that my upper thigh was about 4 inches below my saddle. Guess I forgot I was supposed to jump! I got back inside and found this video. OH. Duh. I think I can get this tomorrow. Going for a run now.  One hurdle per day is enough for me right now and I'm already at like 5.

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