Sunday, October 7, 2007

online dating, part 2

yeah well I am back on the market again, and since I never seem to actually meet anyone that is not already married, I thought I would give a dating website another try. This one targets fitness minded induh-viduals and my goodness there are quite a few sports out there, aren't there? anyway, here is my latest honest to goodness email from a total stranger . . .

Hi~~ How are you? Hope you're having an awesome weekend!! Mine's been great... Hangin' out with my daughters most of the weekend. One had a tennis tournament and the other went to a Blackhawks (hockey) game last night.. Had planned on a bike ride but had to delay it until tomorrow morning. You seem very real, sincere and totaly cool! I was in Philly last year picking up a Jeep I bought on ebay.. ;) Could have had lunch! lol You also see very passionate which I like! I'm the same... My largest is probably movie making... Just ordered a RED ultra HD digital cinema camera package that's about 6 times better then the one Mel Gibson used to shoot Apocalypto! I have to wait a while for actual delivery but need the preproduction lead time anyway because I shoot my first feature film next August!! YEAH!!!! Hope to talk soon.. Joe

Hmm, I wonder if Joe was trying to impress me with the size of his camera? At least you have to give him points for telling me a little about himself though. sigh.

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