Monday, November 19, 2007

about time

so I have been simply awful about updating recently so allow me to get a little caught up . . .

My party was a smashing success which was good, because it involved a ton of time, money and last-minute stress, mainly since I used it as an excuse to do a whole bunch of things around the house that had been bugging me for a year and I was still doing said things the day of the party, this is not recommended. Apparently the videos have gotten somewhat popular, thanks Woody. (make sure you check out both of them) I actually took some late-night photos as well, enjoy.

I finally got around to reviewing the results for my season, and I ended up doing 21 races, mostly middle of the pack in terms of results : ( Up from zero races in 2006 (torn hamstring) and 8 races in 2005 that was not so bad. I really enjoyed the marathon format, so I will definitely be doing more or those in 2008, although 4-5 hour races really suck the life out of you for a week or so, and Janel and I did talk about doing the 7 Springs 24-hour race as a duo . . . and of course there is always the possibility that I will race some cyclocross next year. (I went to the Gran Prix yesterday and the level of suffering evident on everyone's face was certainly appealing; that and the sub-40 degree temperatures and unrelenting rain made for a perfect day to be a spectator.) I really enjoyed the few road races I did as well, although I think Janel and I desperately need to take a Road Racing 101 before we do anymore of those.

All this sounds OK in November but the next several months with the valentinebaby roll-out and everything else I have heaped on my plate will really determine what is going to happen next year so all bets are off at the moment. My priority is now valentinebaby and 3434 bowman renovations. There, I wrote it down, now I just gotta DO IT.

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