Monday, November 19, 2007

thanks for the gift that keeps on giving . .

so I could not figure out why both of my computers at home keep on crashing, and the browsers hanging up . . . I knew it was probably spyware, but I am really careful about staying away from that stuff--WTF?

. . . then it hit me. My little tuesday night crew was here last week and just HAD to watch some disgusting video re: girls and a cup. If you have not heard of this phenomenon, consider yourself one of the blissful ignorati. And no, I won't link to it: if you are so curious do a search for it and you can get spyware and probably a trojan too.

I refused to join in the fun last tuesday and watch this infantile piece of viral marketing because I don't like stuff that reminds me that most Americans have been rendered numb from their exposure to everything from obnoxious advertising campaigns, daily news reports of illegal and legal violence and of course a popular media that is obsessed with guns and sex. So the bar has been set so damn LOW you have to make a video that resorts to the most degrading and filthy human practices in order to garner the kind of attention that this little piece of mauvaise culture has. The brilliant part is that there is a whole slew of videos on youtube of people filming their friends reactions to this disgusting exercise in overstimulation. And all the while everyone who views it subjects themselves (or in this case me) to viruses, spyware and trojans.

My little take-home tip: if you are on a website that flashes naked girly pictures, you are pretty much guaranteed to be exposing your computer, your work computer, or the computer of the person who feeds you every tuesday night to some unspeakably bad things, unless your security settings are set so high you would probably not be able to view many websites properly.
I will think about this gift as I spend several hours purging this crap from my registry, thanks boys and girls.

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