Sunday, December 16, 2007

kind of like winning the lottery

The other day I got home from work and grabbed the mail off the porch as per usual. I often don't even look at my mail but once a month, but with the refinance there were a number of official notices that needed to be attended to. There was an envelope from Chase, my previous mortgage holder, and it looked suspiciously like a check through the window of the envelope. I ripped it open. And there it was:
A check that I had no idea was coming. It was an overpayment of my mortgage interest for $2242.23. I was puzzled because when I closed the title company told me I was getting one disbursement, which had been wired into my account already. This was a total surprise. Sweet! Santa came early this year! Now if people keep pissing me off and dropping off my christmas list there will be even more money to spend on the worthy ones.