Thursday, February 21, 2008

cadence camp day 2, wednesday

aaahh, the wednesday morning ride . . . technically this camp does not even start until thursday afternoon but somehow . . . while analyzing my power data from the day, Colin said that my highest career mean maximal power for 15 minutes took place on the morning ride on February 20, 2008 at the Cadence Climbing Camp. Granted, that only includes recorded data, and I don't have power data for any of my mountain bike races, but still. Did I say the camp had not even started yet?
We had 2 good efforts, the first being a mile long climb, and I stayed with the strongest riders until the top (breathing hard, damn it) and then we did Mulholland, the 3 mile time-trial climb and again I felt strong and looked pretty good. I was relieved, I thought if I keep eating and sleeping well I might actually be able to ride hard 6 days in a row, or thereabouts. Even though I would be much happier if I were 4 lbs skinnier, but I am trying not to dwell on my recent weight gain . . .

We rode again in the afternoon, an easy spin, and the sun was shining. That was nice, because although Cali was beautiful last week this week was marred by showers and the threat of a deluge for the weekend. Afterwards Colin and I talked about nutrition in the hot tub, and hopefully not anything else incriminating, because I found out later that Randy's suite was right over the hot tub and he could hear everything that we were saying. Shit, what did we say?

By the evening more of our compatriots had arrived, and the other camp attendee with his own chartered jet, Sam, had offered to take 10 of us to Koi. He had a limo for 4 and the rest of us followed in Randy's rented Expedition. The journey to LA down the 101 and Laurel Canyon Drive was pretty cool. Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, it was all there, the city glimmering like a jewel under the clouds as a lunar eclipse unfolded above us.
Koi is a place to be seen in West Hollywood. It was a slow night I guess, as there were only 2 members of the Papparazzi standing out front, cameras in hand, glaring at us as we disembarked, so they could stick a camera in our faces at a moment notice if even for a lingering moment we resembled someone famous. Luckily for us we were nobodies, however, not knowing they were there I happened to ask Sam after the meal if his driver had arrived, and they both turned towards me as if I might be someone whose picture might fetch some coin. No dice. Damn, I'm giving'em away for free right here . . stay tuned. (The pictures, I mean)

The dinner at Koi was fabulous, we gave our waittress carte blanche to choose for us and to keep the dishes coming, and coming they did, until we could not ingest any more of the delicasies, as delightful as they were. As I was the sole chick in our party (see below) I did get my dinner paid for, however, as it turns out, there were others in the party who were not so lucky; that is to say, they were told that they were being treated to sushi LA-style, and instead were asked to anti-up a credit card or $260 when the bill finally arrived. Ouch.

this picture was taken before the check arrived--see? everyone is smiling and happy : )

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