Friday, February 22, 2008

cadence camp day 3, thursday

. . . so this was the day that it all caught up to me. It turns out that I have been riding a lot, and for the Thursday morning ride once my legs woke up I felt pretty good. It was not a true recovery ride, granted, but it's hard to do a true recovery ride on these hills. I took the truck and went out to lunch with Laurel, Colin, Deanna and Chad. We went to a Mexican joint and I had chicken and corn tortillas or something like that. Actually it was pretty crappy mexican food for Southern Cali. The best part of the joint was the bronze statue sitting outside on a park bench. Colin thought so too . . .
So I have to confess, I took and herbal appetite supressant in the am, as I often do these days in my attempt to get back down to my fighting weight. Perhaps this was why during the afternoon ride, which was the first ride of the camp (so the legs should have been fresh--techincally day 1, right?) I crashed and burned hard.
My legs were sluggish at first, and there was a large group of us. I was up in front chatting next to Brian pulling into a headwind and at first my watts hovered at the high end of endurance, then sub-LT, then that wind really started blowing and I was above 215 watts consistently, so I turned to Brian and said I was going to peel off. Nah, don't do that, our turn is just up ahead. Our turn? You mean the one that would take us to the base of the back side of the Mulholland climb, which we would do twice? Yeah, that one. We peeled off at the base, I was beat. I started at the back, but dropped back further as my bonk progressed. I could not recover and got to the top, hurting and annoyed with myself, and then we did it all again. It took me until the top of the second time around 'till I felt that characteristic pang that told me I was on dead empty. That's when I knew for sure that no matter how much I had eaten over the past week, no matter that I had ridden soon after lunch, I still had nothing left in the tank when I needed it. Crap, this nutrition stuff is my downfall.
Later while sitting in the hot tub with Colin, I confessed about the pill I took and he told me that that was crazy and I should be eating all that I can shove into my mouth for this trip.
"This isn't the Tour de France," I stammered.
"It doesn't matter. You aren't used to riding like this every day and you need the fuel. I bet you by the end of the week you will have lost weight."
Why are female athletes so f#@ed up about weight and body image? And I thought I was less obsessed about it than most.
For dinner I made my next mistake. I ordered a large macked-out Cali burger with all the fixins and curly fries. I had not eaten wheat in a couple of weeks, and I ate about half of that bun. Halfway through I started feeling sick. I don't know if it was the fries, the wheat gluten, or that large slab of medium rare cow but now it is 24 hours later and I still have a stomach-ache.
The day ended with me reading a book, my tail between my legs. Oh well, I guess I'm learning.


Lenore said...

bonking really sucks! thanks for the energy chunk though, it helped alot. did you get these at whole foods?

Unknown said...

yes, whole foods, in the bulk bin section, they are really easy to eat on a ride.