Friday, February 22, 2008

cadence camp day 4, friday

Dianna addressing the group before the morning ride . . .

Today was my demise. Plain and simple. I could not hang with the lead group to save my life on the 2 mile climb leading up to the 3-mile uphill field test. I was just beat from the get-go. I was really upset about it but my legs refused to perform, and I had to be happy keeping my power between endurance and sub-LT. The same hill, Mulholland, that I tackled with confidence on Wedneday kicked my ass today. I was supposed to average about 209 on that climb, but instead I averaged 187. Afterwards when the groups split up I cut the ride short and headed back to the hotel with about 8 others. I really had no choice, because Brian said that I was tired and if I rested up I should recover for the weekend. I hoped he was right.

Back at the hotel I was visibly upset, which I guess is lame that I let my poor performance ruin my day, but then again I am on a cycling camp. I could be in Mexico somewhere sitting on a beach, but this week it was all about riding the bike. I think I squeezed out a couple of tears. Being the good friend that he is, Colin refused to leave me alone until I told him what was wrong. We looked at cyclingpeaks, and he reviewed what I had been doing for the past month. And he brought up my performance management chart. What it revealed was that I am in the hole right now, at -36 on the PMC. Colin says that when he is at -40 it is fruitless for him to even get out of bed, much less train. Those parameters might be different for me, but even so it explained a lot. S0, I need to recover a bit before the hard day tomorrow and Sunday. Recover . . . like take a few days off. Since that's not going to happen, I need to dig really deep, make the best of it, and try not to beat myself up too much.

Later it started to rain. We decided to bag the technique ride we were going to do and resume in the morning. So we sat in the lobby and reviewed everyone's power data, like a bunch of true cycling geeks. Sam's driver sat at the bar and watched TV. Sam, the other guy on the trip with a chartered jet, had a car follow us on the rides in case Sam could not hang. The rest of us just had to ride a little faster. Anyway, I typed away at my laptop and chatted away with Ken, the strongest rider of the camp participants, a marine, former White House staffer and EAS Body for Life winner in 2004. We both are coached by Mike Kuhn. He and a friend have produced a documentary, "Inspired," about all of the people they have helped lose weight, overcome disabilities and turn their lives around. It will be done in a few months and they are submitting to Sundance. You can watch the preliminary trailer here.

Ken gearing up to make Colin work for a living

Friday night was the big party at Jay & Terri Snider's house in Pacific Palisades. The party was enough to make you forget you sucked on the bike during the day. We were greeted warmly by our hosts and their staff, and ate and drank delicious food in front of a raging fire (it was 50ish, damn cold by Cali standarads) The party at Jay’s was interesting, not just because of the beautiful house, the 12-year old magician, the warm but elegant atmosphere, but also because I happened to mention to Jay about my perceived gluten intolerance. He told me Ed Snider, his father, has Celiac disease. He himself has stopped eating wheat gluten, and when Terri came over to join in the conversation she showed me all of the gluten-free items she had bought for Jay in her large walk-in pantry, which was about the size of my whole kitchen. Terri was such a vivacious, gracious host, and Jay such a stand-up great guy, that it really made you forget that the two of them had so much wealth. And I will never forget those chocolate-covered strawberries, the size and succulence of ripe plums. (yeah I made that word up)

the view from the rear patio

more photos here

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