Thursday, April 10, 2008

cadence state college camp, day 1 thursday

Thursday morning I got up and had the $9 breakfast buffet at the hotel. Not quite the spread at the Agoura Renaissance in Agoura Hills, CA, but I was able to make my own waffle. The coffee was incredibly weak, but since festivities were not going to start until 1pm, and I was going to Wegman's to get some food for the room, I could get my fix there.

While I was shopping, Annie and Holden went swimming in the Penn State pool, and apparently a few of Holden's records have not been broken yet. Annie said his picture was all over the place. Luckily for us, Annie took a picture of Holden, circa 2000, sportin' some big hair, and we have it for you right here.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, 1 large waffle w/butter & syrup, orange juice, coffee. Then I drove through town and went to Wegman's and got (for the room) soy milk, some triple-cream brie and gluten-free crackers, granola, this amazing greek yogurt, and vitamin water in lieu of gatorade ('cauz gatorade is high-fructose corn syrup crap which gives me a stomach-ache), I mean I would not drink that stuff if I were dying of thirst, unless of course it's the only thing they're serving up at the checkpoint of a 60-mile race, and in that case I suffer through it.

At 12:15 we had a meeting in the lobby and discussed our goals for the camp. I thought about some goals. Not cracking after 2 days, making new friends, working on my climbing technique (currently nonexistent, I just get up 'em), how to attack hills, aka how not to be passed on hills, etc. I figure now that the doc doubled my prescription of the inhaled steroid for asthma, I should be able to kick it a little harder when the pavement tilts up.

We then set up the bike stands out in the driveway. Afterall, Mike & Holden were doing double-duty as mechanical services. The weather was gloriously warm and sunny; we were basking in shorts and short-sleeved jerseys, although apparently we were going to get rain the rest of the weekend.

I think I was the only one that put sunscreen on; everyone else got a pretty good sunburn on their arms. Holden actually worked on my bike, it turns out triathletes do know how to clean a chain. We headed off to preview the TT course. The TT course was a 10-mile loop with 3 turns and a rolling profile. Once on it, Mike Williams got the first of 3 flats. That's right, 3 flats on the same wheel. This was unfortunate for me, because I don't fare well when there is constant stopping. As a result my legs felt pretty crappy the first time through.

We talked about technique, practiced taking turns as efficiently as possible while avoiding the 6 dead animals strewn throughout the course, then rode it again. In case you were wondering, there were 2 squirrels, an opossum, a woodchuck, and a deer that I think no one else noticed because it was off to the side and almost comletely decomposed, and some other thing I could not identify. The second time my legs felt much better, and I was able to push harder through the rollers, until Mike told us to chill out and back it off. I had packed enough bars and gels for an easy 40 mile ride, but actually after doing the course again, and taking a dirt road back with a ton of potholes, I actually bonked at mile 41. I mean we were only few miles from home. I had to stuff down a mocha clif shot just to be able to ride home. It ended up being 47 miles in all.

When I downloaded my power tap data, it turns out my TSS was a lot higher, 172, than it was after the wednesday night ride, 148. My energy expenditure was 1118 kJ. Not surprising that I bonked after eating only 2 bars, and 2 gels, 2 bottles of weak sports drink. I could have used one more bar I guess, and I thought I was in the hole a little. Annie ate one gel and one bar the entire ride. Damn, think how powerful she would be if she ate more, she seriously kicks ass now.

We got back at 5, and decided to meet in the lobby for dinner at 6. Everyone was starving. We went to Fascia Luna for dinner, one of the few restaurants in state college where Holden DID NOT work, and Annie found out, after we had waiting an hour for a table, that there was absolutely nothing on the menu that was gluten-free. Even the risotto had gluten in it!? So she had a salad and went back to the hotel room and chowed down on the carbs I had procured at Wegman's, many of them gluten-free and chocolate-flavored.

We were joined by Levi the Saris rep, who was pretty damn funny and convinced me that I needed to srping for the new PTs that just came out for disc brakes. I wanted to get one for the Yeti, but cash is a little hard to come by these days, not like when I was livin' large in 2007. While he was telling us a story about his younger days he kept referring to the US as "the lower 48." Where did you go to high school?, I asked.

"North Pole high school."

"is that in Alaska?" I asked, feeling pretty stupid. Hey give me a break, we don't own the whole f'in North Pole.

"Yeah." wow, no wonder he was so funny. It's amazing how growing up somewhere WEIRD makes you seem so refreshing to us pedestrian lower-48 public school types.

So that was Thursday. Annie and I went back to the room, and I proceeded to check email, write this blog, and generally stay up way to late since we had to be up at 6:45. The plan for Friday was ride easy to the TT course, do the TT, ride easy back, andf then in the afternoon the tri-geeks would run and swim, and Kuhn, Mike Williams, myself and perhaps Leech would tackle Rothrock State forest. I was incredibly psyched to be able to check out the trails up here, and went to bed looking forward to Friday.

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