Sunday, April 13, 2008

cadence state college camp, day 4 sunday

when we got up on sunday it was raining. I was very tired, and I lay in bed and talked to Max, then went downstairs for breakfast, and everyone was rushing around so they could get on the bikes and get in 50 miles before they had to be back at 12. I thought about going, knew I would not be able to do more than an easy recovery ride, and did not feel like riding by myself on this cold and miserably wet day, so I told them to have fun. It really upset me not to ride at all, but my body was telling me something; I needed to listen. I actually tried to nap for another 45 minutes but only drifted in and out of sleep amidst my thoughts.

So I packed up all of my things, and headed off to Saint's Cafe for a latte and some more writing. I was there for 2 hours when I got the call from Annie that they were home, finally. I got back, we loaded up the bikes and our things and headed back to Philly. On the way Annie, Holden and I talked about training, recovery, dogs, and how to warm-up properly. We even got lost once. I drove Annie to work, then drove Holden home, then pulled up to my house to see this beautiful sight:

. . . in the few days since I left my garden had burst into bloom. And this was only the beginning, my wisteria, clematis, climbing rose and peonies were all coming along nicely. What a heart-warming surprise to come home to. As Candide said, "we must cultivate our garden"; that is the meaning of life. When one door closes, another one opens, we just need to accept this change and let ourselves pass with open minds and hearts through that door.

for all the pictures from the weekend, click here.

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