Thursday, April 10, 2008

cadence state college camp, prologue, wednesday

Well, after a good amount of drama, the camp was on. You see a few weeks ago, there were 10 of us signed up for this little cycling camp in the heart of Pennsylvania, and apparently in the weeks leading up to the camp, most of them folks canceled. This one was injured, that one felt intimidated, this one had to go to jail, you know the drill. Excuses, excuses I say. Needless to say Cadence now has a cancellation policy.

So last night at 10 pm Annie and I were not exactly sure we were going, but I packed anyway, since it takes me hours to pack. Hours.

Fast forward to this morning. I get a call that we were leaving at 12. It was 11, and Annie just started to pack. So at 12 I headed first down to Colin's to get some fresh pancakes for the trip. I had eaten some cereal for breakfast at 7, and then a handful of pecans at 10:30, and of course 2 cups of coffee, but lunch turned out to be . . . 3 pancakes, and a frozen frappucino from starbucks on the turnpike.
I pick up Annie & Holden, and we spend 20 minutes trying to figure out how to put 3 roadbikes and a mountain bike on my car rack. How is this for ingenuity?

The trip out here was nice. I drove. Holden fell asleep, and Annie and I chatted about life. We stopped once, and since it was 2pm I knew I should have eaten some lunch since we had a hard ride at 5:30. But Annie and Holden weren't eating. There was nothing decent at the rest stop except junk and some lame looking sandwiches. Besides, I had Colin's Uber Pancakes.
It should be stated that I did not want to drive up to state college a day before the camp even started to do even more riding than I could cram into a week. My modus operandi on these excursions was to come out early and burn myself out before camp even got into full swing. I had heard about this "state college wednesday evening ride" and was told it was FAST. So I called up Von Leech, this is his hometown afterall. He said it was like the Drives Ride in philly but with hills. Shut the f' up. I called up Annie and said I did not feel real confident about doing the ride, and maybe we should just go up on Thursday morning. But Annie and Holden said that there was no way it could be that fast, blah blah blah. Do you see where this is all going?

We rode 20 minutes to wait on a driveway next to a large barn. On the 20-min ride down to the meeting place I started realizing that riding through clouds of dust, manure and fertilizer was not so great for an asthmatic. And it started to rain, and damn was it windy. There were about 16 of us in all. As we were chatting before the start I was reminiscing about the last time I had been to state college. It was when I ran away from home in high school. I needed to get away from my uptight catholic parents, so I ran away to state college where my sister was a sophomore, and got my first taste of fraternity parties when I was . . 17.

". . yeah....hmmm. . . I guess it was . . . 1987." I said wistfully.

"Damn, that was the year I was born" the rider in the Bianchi kit exclaimed. Mike, Holden Annie and I started to laugh. I wanted to punch the kid. " were really underage at the time, " Mike said, trying to make me feel better. Yeah I was. I think I was the reason they started checking IDs at frat parties, but that's another story . . .

So we were off. Like a mile cruise and then full-on paceline, I pulled through once and then, setting up for the second time, a gap opened a bit, I pushed hard to catch up but both lines just pulled away from us in a rush--they just punched it and split the whole peloton in two.

When the whole thing broke apart, and I was kind of in the front of the second group. Mike, Holden and Annie and I, along with 2 other girls were working together to bridge but then I was off the back when one of the girls could not hang on. I felt like shit and my legs were screaming the whole time. This ride was tough, just like Ryan said. So I ended up riding as fast as I could, especially behind Kuhn, who is like a fucking freight train when he gets moving--damn--30 mph like it as nothing and I was hurting badly but just kept concentrating on the "" on his ass and trying not to focus on how bad I as bonking. If I stayed inches from his wheel (there was quite a headwind) I was able to hang on alright, but if I freaked and let another few inches open up my power spiked up to like 270 watts. I was ok, until the bigger rollers did me in. It went like this for 40 miles, pushing hard, and sometimes falling off. All in all it was a sufferfest,.
Annie fared much better than me tonight, but I realized that I did not eat all day. Somehow she can pull that off, but not me, I need my fuel. So in my attempt to keep track of what I eat on these camps, I have decided to record as much as I can, today I had . . cereal at 7 am, some pecans, coffee, and 3 of Colin's pancakes. And half a bar right before the ride. No wonder I sucked so badly . . .

Later for dinner we went to Chili's and had $2 margaritas, and all sorts of food. I ate 2 of my fajitas and left the rest of them at the restaurant after asking for them to be wrapped. We even had a fridge in the room. Lame.
I was really happy when I finally hit those covers, damn, after the long drive out here and the wednesday night death march, yeah it was great to turn the lights out.

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