Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the return of the tuesday night party?

those salads look marvelous

Thanks for a great time last night. It was really cool meeting Dominique and Francois, and hosting them at 3434. Having people over made me do my spring cleanup around the yard and porch, and having fresh flowers in the house was a nice antidote to the hangover I woke up with this morning.

Colin's lasagna was awesome, surpassed only by that bad-ass gluten-free chocolate torte! Damn. And who knew that the latest side effect of Golden Monkey is that it causes one to climb on their own furniture in an attempt to enhance a budding career in photojournalism.

But most importantly I am really proud that I have such an amazing group of friends; you all arranged your schedules and overcame your various personal issues to come together at my table and share a few hours, and some good food and wine......thanks and let's do it again before too long.

Happy birthday Annie! can anyone count how many candles are on that cake?

. . for anyone wondering why they did not get an invite, the guest list was roadie-heavy and pretty much out of my hands

more pics here.

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Frank Brigandi said...

welcome to the collarbone club. yes, they hurt, more so they impede all sorts of necessary daily arm function/usage.
In regard to the woops thingy, look into from someone you are riding with, about pre-jumping, it's a bmx thing that eliminates the top of any or a single tip or top ofa rise that has a degrading backside. In a way, you eliminate the top of the hump/jump/lump and stay perpendicular to the terrain you are negotiating keep both wheels not oly closer to the ground but if the ground suddenly disappears you will land on your feet as a cat would.
Sometimes rolling over things isn;t the best way to negotiate them, because if it's unfamiliar terrain excersizing a techinque will just be more or less a precautionary motion keeping speed and momentum at the same time.