Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the 214 party

...was a huge undertaking and I was crazed with stress the entire week before...but with the help of 2 servers, a kick-ass bartender, and of course, the teamwork of the easiest person I have ever planned and executed a party with (not one fight! no matter how hard I tried!) I think it turned out to be a success....at least that's what I heard from my fabulous friends and family and Mark's fabulous friends and family. A special thanks to Jessica for her incredible brownies (which Mark will not share), Joyce Mantell for her delicious spanikopeta, Adriana for her cookies, Colin for his five over the top cakes, Andrea Lawrence for showing up 2 hours early and saving my @ss with the food prep, Lorenzo for hooking me up with the staff, J. Zellars for the photography (more below) and all of our guests who showed up, (many bearing gifts), who participated in this special evening.

There are lots of photos on facebook but for those of you who don't like to spend your whole day hearing about what your estranged friends, exs, and co-workers are doing at any given moment and thus aren't on FB (gasp), we have some of them right here.

The professional photographer who showed up and was introduced to me as Jonathan Zellars tuned out to be an old friend who was last seen at my scavenger hunt party back in 1993? at 768 Fawn Hill and who I had lost touch with. Anyway, we are still waiting for his photos so I will post a link when I hear more....

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