Tuesday, March 31, 2009

help us break in 214 new street invite

Here is the story: Dr. Mantell has lived in his condo for a year, and has never had his friends over for even one measly drink.
Very sad. Really pathetic. Lame.
Then one day Dr. M (hereafter referred to as Mark) meets Andrea.
Her enormous arm veins, penetrating blue eyes, and uncanny ability to turn the most mundane task into a transfat free, recycleable, free range, unpasteurized, carbon neutral extravaganza immediately transforms the good doctor.
Mark is smitten and unaccustomedly starts smiling.
Andrea likes to have parties. Andrea (hereafter referred to as Andrea) decides they should put their guest lists together and finally break the place in...so...please help us throw one big freakin' party and piss off Mark's neighbors!
the details:appetizers, sweets, beer, wine & cocktails provided
it's saturday night--dress up for God's sake!
Andrea is picking out the music so wear your dancing shoes and/or bring your earplugs!
street parking is scarce in Old City on sat nights, you can park at the Parkominium (closed garage) at 2nd and New St. for less than $10 (see map)
enter 214 New Street and ring bell for Mark Mantell (top doorbell).
someone will buzz you in, take elevator to 5th floor
*adults only, bring a guest*
email andrea with any questions and PLEASE rsvp by Friday March 13th.
see you there!...mark & andrea

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