Thursday, May 14, 2009

the beginning 7.6.08

I rode alone, but because of the impending rain opted to do the shorter, 60-mile route. This is a pretty hilly route (at least the first 30 miles) and I was pushing pretty good on the hills. The 7-lb weight loss has made a huge difference on the hills. I feel really good climbing for the first time in forever. On the way back on the bike path I passed a guy and he grabbed my wheel. I was pushing pretty good into a headwind at subLT and after 10 mins I got that weird flutter in my heart, then my heart rate drops like a stone and I feel weak. It happened several times on this ride, starting at 2:23. I have to pull back because my heart is not beating fast enough to get blood to my legs or something. This also happened on 6/28 at 2:39. I definitely like riding by myself because I can push hard when I want to and not worry about dropping anyone, but this heart thing is freaking me out.
I did the last half hour at recovery pace down to art museum and back.

[Uploaded 7/7/2008 11:43:49 PM]

note the red heart rate line dropping in half, and then shooting back up again.

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