Monday, May 18, 2009

DDD mode

Rode my regular main line route w/saw mill climb. It was so great to be riding outside on a beautiful day. Kept in in endurance zone but did push it a few times and I blocked. The pacemaker and my heart seem totally out of sync, it is sort of disheartening, I guess that was a pun. ugh. They reset the mode to DDD (dual paced) on thursday but I am still blocking, although this time it was different, it went from 160, to 130 and that was it (it still sucked) the second time I dropped to 143 for a full 30 seconds, then stepped down to 105. I'm not blocking 2:1. Texted Zola and he said that they just need to change some settings, not to worry. I am still bleeding heavily from LEEP and period so I got tired midway through ride. Lost a ton of blood the past 3 days.

[Uploaded 5/11/2009 10:34:16 PM]

need I say more? I was a little upset on saturday night, Mark and I went out to dinner and then he got annoyed that I was on the phone with my cardiologist while sitting in the lounge at Tangerine. All I can say is when a cardiologist calls me I pick up the phone.


dr universe said...

left out that your cardiologist called at midnight and you stayed on the phone for 10 minutes and you previously had told me how rude I was to be talking on the phone during dinner one night but I still love you. Do you think you should have an equal time place in the blog for rebuttal? Love your blog baby

Unknown said...

I assumed since it was a Doctor and I had been whining about my heartblock you would approve; plus I was trying to conference you in, remember? anyway....sorry