Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the 6 week milestone at last

Yesterday marks my 6 week anniversary with my [insert name for implanted medical device here] This means I no longer have any restrictions such as raising my left arm over my head, or only lifting 20 lbs on that side. And the best part...I am allowed to ride my poor neglected mountain bike again. I am much less sore and my scar has healed up nicely too, as you can see in this before and after pic.

I feel really good and am slowly getting back into shape after getting my ass whooped on the Cadence Women's ride/Quadzilla's DirtyDozen on Saturday. Today I am going to ride into work and I am really excited about not wasting commuting time in the car, even if I have to dodge scattered thunderstorms and irate motorists who think I should be riding on the sidewalk or on the glass-strewn edge of the road. My only problem now is that my Yeti, which has been parked at Cadence awaiting my Scrub racing rotors and Juicy7 brake rebuild kits, is now waiting for organic brake pads because the composite material on the Scrub rotors requires organic resin pads. Come to think of it; the Stans lightweight aluminum rotors I was using before were supposed to be ridden with organic pads too; this may be why I tore them to shreds in 6 months. Anyway, the bottom line is I now have medical clearance to ride but I am f%$ked because even of those brake pads come in today, Jamie and Woody are slammed, this being race weekend in Philadelphia. So, despite my gift of 2 bottles of Maudite and 2 bottles of Delirium Tremens, I don't think they are going to get a chance to work on her for awhile.

It's cool though; my new motto is "let it go." Life is all about patience for me lately; and that drill has gotten a bit easier since I have stopped medicating with caffeine. And if my only problem right now is that my mountain bike is still in the shop; well then I guess life is pretty good.


dr universe said...

How about Peppi the Pacer or Penelope the Pacer. how about Noblockicus (strong, Roman, Elite), How about a bumper sticker- "Honk if you are being Paced" or "MY AV NODE SUCKS, DOES YOURS?", "Being Paced- hoped they used Everready" or "Even after your Licken, I will keep on Tickin"
or " I. M. Wenkinomore"- thats a good one or this one is the best "F.U. Perkinje" or a tribute to Mel Gibson- "Blockheart", I feel like I have no chance of losing. I want the amazon gift certificate-

Unknown said...

you left your comment on the wrong post! you are DQ'ed!

dr universe said...

a mere technicality. I wish they put a lead closer to your compassion node so that it could be stimulated once in a while, now you are obviously blocked!