Saturday, June 13, 2009

struggling to understand

7. 12 08

I set out to do a recovery ride but I was bitter about it because I was missing class and I "knew" that my heart was not going to give out on me during an hour class. So I did the usual main line route, and as I was slowly winding up Falls road this Sturdy Girl passed me going up the hill. I did not care, after all I was warming up and doing an easy ride but I looked up and noticed her slowing down halfway up the hill after passing me. So I slowly followed up the hill and saw her at the light at City Line. I rode about 10-15 feet behind her for 4-5 miles or so, not close enough to get her draft. Then on the winding climb of Bryn Mawr Ave I set out doing the climb and felt really good. Climbing is much easier now--so I stayed behind her nipping at her heels and she picked up the pace a little as I got closer. I watched my power climb and stay around 200 watts, 4b, and then it happened, almost at the top of the climb. I felt a fluttering in my chest and felt like I was blowing up, but it was not in my legs. She turned and went a different way and I did the rest of the ride in recovery. I was really spent after that. Ran into Max in Conshe and then the entire Sturdy Girl team rode by as well, with whats-her-name in the pack. Funny. My heart rate was only at 157 when this happened. And it was only 26 minutes into the ride, not 2.5 hours like the other times. I wish I knew what was going on.

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