Monday, March 15, 2010

the light at the end of this particular tunnel

the chlo-dog

Just came back from a meeting with my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. David Glaser, and he said that I could mountain bike in another two weeks, roughly April 1st. So April fools day I will be out on my bike some hell or high water, although we've had enough of both of those things around here lately so maybe I should not count my chickens yet. It is fortunate that April 1st this year falls on "dog meat day, " when I take the day off from work to drive to Conshohocken and meet a rental truck in the parking lot of the old Circuit City. There a bunch of "dog people, "--breeders, owners of agility champions, and owners like me passionate about feeding their dogs a "biologically appropriate raw diet" -- will be there with cash queueing up in the parking lot looking to pick up tubes of frozen beef carcass to feed to their canines. It has not escaped my notice that 98% of these folks are obese. They control their dogs diets carefully but obviously do not apply that discipline to their own meals.

Anyway, I purchase roughly 100 lbs of meat and liver every 8 weeks to feed Gryphon, Madison and Chloe. After schlepping the frozen meat tubes home, up my front steps and then down my basement, I will be more than ready to take the Yeti out. Perhaps by then the trails might even be dry and rideable, but probably not. You know what they say about April showers.

Kelly Drive

enough already! we get it, no more drought.

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