Wednesday, August 18, 2010

my kids make The Philadelphia Inquirer

Andrew Pinkham, the incredible photographer who Mark hired to take the photos of the dogs while I was away and then presented them to me at our party last July (2009) was chosen to hang his artwork in the Philadelphia International Airport.  His exhibit is called, "Best in Show" and can be seen in Terminal F.  There was a nice article in Sunday's business section featuring my 3 clowns on the front page. 
There were many pictures taken for the online edition of the 17 exhibits gracing the 1.25 mile stretch of terminals throughout the airport, and the ones they chose to grace the front page of the paper edition were of Madison, Gryphon and Chloe.  Pretty awesome! If you click on the article there is a link to all of the artwork, courtesy of Charles Fox, a staff photographer at the Inquirer.  I emailed Andrew to tell him of Gryphon's passing and he said he was greatful to get a chance to create a keepsake so we can all remember him.  He had told Mark last year after the shoot that they were the best dogs he ever worked with.  Not hard to believe I guess, they are (and were) all pretty special.  Sorry I sound like a ridiculous proud parent, I guess I am.  At least I don't have a bumper sticker that says, "My dog is the best dog that Andrew ever worked with!" or better yet, "My dog graduated with honors from AKC Good Citizen Class!" ..... luckily I will never be quite that annoying.

Nayana Arandara of Melbourne, Australia, has her photo taken by her son, Milan, at Pinkham's exhibit.

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