Sunday, September 5, 2010

my week off part one

I've been burned out at work.  Big Time.  Last Friday I announced to Boss #1 and #2 that I would not be coming in this week.  I worked late Thursday and Friday and prepared myself for a week off.......

Unfortunately Monday rolled around and no one else could do payroll.  Add to that some job paperwork that had to get done or it would hold up payment.  Add to that my laptop was f'ed up because of some updates the IT company had installed and it was unusable, right before I had to go on a trip, so I spent hours on that.  I ended up working a full day and I was stressed out and anxious because Colin and I were going to the 'rents' place in Sea Isle City and I usually need like 2 full days to pack for even a 2-day trip.  You know, between regular food, bike food, clothes, shoes, bike clothes, more shoes, running sneakers, bike...yes I said BIKE because I have been riding the road bike again.

Instead of listening to the gyno who said I should stay off the bike for 6 months, I stopped going to see her.  The induration had really shrunk so I decided it was time I got back on my road bike. I think she had a Machiavellian streak anyway judging by the way she poked me like I was a pork loin on a grill she was testing for doneness.

So I finally got done most of what I had to get done, and another Controller from Keating Building Company, one of our General Contractors, wrote me an email apologizing for bothering me on vacation.  I made the mistake of sending this email to Boss #1:

"Andrea Walheim" 
Helene Adams
08/30/2010 03:56 PM
RE: June & August paperwork

Well today is not turning out to be much of a vacation since I have been doing work from home all day.  Anyway, here is the august pencil, please look at it and let me know.  As you explained in your email, I may need to cross off the amounts manually which I am loathe to do since it will screw up our apps from this point forward, but I guess we are just about finished.  Can you let me know what you need done because it will be hard for me to make changes until Thursday afternoon.
As for June, I’m doing that paperwork now.  Keating never paid us the $6,185.45 from May, correct?  Why?  I’m trying to fill out the releases.
Thanks, and I hope you are feeling better.
andrea walheim, controller
liberty flooring, llc


From: Helene Adams
Sent: Monday, August 30, 2010 4:08 PM
To: Andrea Walheim
Subject: RE: June & August paperwork


        This is good for August.  The retainage amount appears to be $1350.60 higher than what I'm showing ($3,428,721 x 5% = $171,436.05?).  But don't worry.  The WIP in the important part for now.

        Your May payment was held (for paperwork?); but I sent it out UPS today.  I think I wanted to send May and June together, but that didn't happen because we kept missing each other.

        Anyway, I'm sorry you had to work today - I know how it is.  They keep telling us we're lucky we have jobs - and that's true.

        When you have the June paperwork send it, or wait until next week.

        I hope you have a good vacation (a real one), and a good Holiday weekend.

        Thank you again.

Helene Adams
Project Accountant
Keating Building Corporation
MPO Jobsite: 2997 Chestnut St.(19104)

From: Andrea Walheim
Sent: Monday, August 30, 2010 4:23 PM
To: Chris Diamond
Subject: FW: June & August paperwork


andrea walheim, controller
liberty flooring, llc

From: Chris Diamond
Sent: Monday, August 30, 2010 5:33 PM
To: Andrea Walheim
Subject: RE: June & August paperwork

That Helene Is one wise lady - They keep telling us we're lucky we have jobs - and that's true.

Was there anything else in that message of importance?

chris diamond, vice president
liberty flooring, llc


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