Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Guy's Racing Team: the passing of the torch

Sunday night we headed over to Baby Blues BBQ, Guy's Racing Team's newest sponsor, to pick up our new team clothing as well as to go over some team business.  It was also the official passing of the torch from President Bob Piacini, who has led this 100 + strong group of roadies, mountainbikers aad cyclocrossers for the past 4.5 years.  Pat Kelly put together a really nifty framed collage and presented it to Bob  as you can see in the above video. To paraphrase our new President Rolf Windh in an email sent out Monday: 

Yesterday marked the last public bit of business conducted by now-officially-retired-Prez Bob Piacine. Bob has been president of this club for roughly 4.5 years, and it's difficult to overstate the success and quality of his tenure. He brought the already generous support of our members to new levels (eg, end of year race reimbursements), he helped shepherd the CX race to MAC status, and he led with good humor and an open mind. Continuous with Rico's tenure before him, we've been blessed with a long run of remarkably involved and capable leadership of the club.

Longtime club member Rolf Windh, back from his 2.5 year vacation in Paris, is taking over the reigns of this often thankless job and boy are we lucky to have him!     

Baby Blues BBQ, by the way, is a sweet new spot on Sansom Street in West Philly where LeBus used to be.  Great live Blues music on a Sunday night and good BBQ to boot, if you are into ribs and wings and such.  I had a large salad which was tasty with just the right amount of spice on the shrimp.  Which of course I inhaled before anyone even got their entrees because I am not eating any starch these days and I was starving..... but that whole nutrition story is for another post.

More photos of the party here.  Enjoy.

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