Wednesday, June 22, 2011

you know you are secure in your geekhood when this appears on your Amazon Wish List

He might even get it too, but not likely from me.  I'm not a big advocate of video games.  I'm more of a Buy-an-Actual-Guitar-and-Learn-to-Play-for-Real type.  I have been known to Karaoke though, the kind you do in a bar in front of 100 people.  But I used my real voice for that.    

Speaking of the Amazon Wish List--they are amazing!  I wish all of my friends and family would make one.  You can put items on there that Amazon does not even sell (from any website) and keep a running tally of stuff you want; and of course that can run the gamut from packets of seeds to dishwashers; the sky is the limit on the web these days.  You can even keep a Secret Wish List for your eyes or your lovers' eyes' only, you know with this kind of stuff on it....yes that was the proper placement of those apostrophes' for some of you.  One can also search with just a name for anyone's Wish List so you can see just what your frenemies are coveting these days.  Shop on!


Neil said...

A mop? Really Andrea, a mop?

Unknown said...

It's a special telescoping kind for washing my car! What can I say? I'm low maintenance.....some have said. Others have disagreed.