Friday, July 8, 2011

Dr. Sandberg performs surgery on my skull

This morning Colin, who was kind enough to acquiesce when I asked him, stopped by and took my staples out.  At the Lankenau ER they told me I could either come back to them to have it done after five days, or else I could have my general practitioner do it.  Of course the third option is I do it myself, but since said staples are at the back of my skull, I had to enlist the help of my good friend and coach.  

These vids are kind of hard to watch, because....well let's just say this was not as easy as I imagined when I decided to forego a visit to my PCP this am.  Yes, blew the chance to have these staples, that were now embedded in new pink scar tissue, properly removed by a medical professional, so that I could keep the appointment I had made a month ago with my therapist instead.  A girl has to have her priorities.  

So the first attempt above was a failure, the video below gets the job done, and that was only the first staple.  

Here of course is the reason we had such a hard time getting it out.  Those dastardly things are actually staples, just like the ones you use on paper, so when Colin yanked it straight up, with a good deal of effort,  he unfortunately took a chunk of flesh with it.  

Trust me he got the hang of it and massaged the second one out beautifully, even though by then the entire wound was swollen and bleeding again from the Massacre of the First Staple.  All in all I was happy that Engineer, Coach, and now Doctor Sandberg was able to hone his medical skills on my hard cranium.   I'm in the waiting room at Dr. Mathews' office right now waiting to get my ribs put back into their proper place so I can stop walking around like a bird with a broken wing.  After that I should be good to go, hoping to get at least a road ride in this weekend.   

I'm really looking forward to writing about all the other exciting things going on around here, such as Madison learning how to swim last Saturday, or picking my first home-grown zucchini today, but for now, I'm just overjoyed that it's Friday and I've got a whole lot of nothing planned for this weekend.   

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