Thursday, August 25, 2011

I sure know how to pick'em

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So this was supposed to be my first weekend at mom and dad's shore house in Sea Isle City, NJ of the whole summer.  They've been asking me to come down, but I've been having too much fun in Philly avoiding dating anyone, gardening, riding but not racing my bike, and teaching dogs how to swim.  But the Big News is Annie is visiting from Connecticut and Sab, Alessandra, Florie and the 'rents have been down the shore all week, so I am really excited to go.  I even took the day off of work tomorrow so we could get down there early, since Annie has to work Sunday. And the advantage of going this weekend is of course, avoiding the Labor Day throngs of beachgoers who will be gumming up the works next weekend.

See that not-so-l'il blob over Pennsylvania today?  It just started raining here at the airport, and oh my it is pouring.  My LT intervals will have to be done inside on the trainer, with  Chloe, the dog who is terrified of thunder, at my feet. But how angry are the Gods this week anyway, throwing the East Coast a 5.8 earthquake and Hurricane Irene in the space of 5 days?  Not sure where that swirling mass of red on the satellite image is going to make landfall yet, but Saturday looks iffy for playtime at the beach.  So I guess we will see where it's tracking tonight and either head down South or else stay in Philly.  What matters most is I get a chance to catch up with a great friend.  And no earthquake or hurricane could get in the way of something so long overdue.

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