Tuesday, September 20, 2011

water fast day four: light at the end of the tunnel

the last burning embers of my fire this evening
Today is day 4, when my body  must be in ketosis, but this morning and into the afternoon I still felt hunger pangs, which frankly sucked.  This was supposed to be easier!  This morning it was difficult again getting myself around the house, and walking the dogs, which is always uplifting, was taxing at times, especially since I refused to cut short the walk.  I just had no energy to do anything involving the use of my limbs.  And I was irritated that in many of the blogs I read from other folks who had fasted, they seemed to have much more energy than me.  This is a prime example:

I'm beginning to think that the difficulties people associate with fasting might be self-magnified. If the rest of the 18 days are going to be as easy as the past 3 days, this is probably one of the easiest fasts in the world. :D       --Celes Chua, from The Personal Excellence Blog

WTF?  I had been feeling pretty lousy from day two.  I actually feared that I have that rare disorder that Fuhrman describes in his book, a MCAD (medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase) deficiency, where my body cannot product this enzyme critical to the oxidation of fatty acids.   I thought I should stop by the pharmacy on my way home and buy some ketostix just to make sure there were ketones in my urine.  

Add to all this that I thought it was a good idea to have a colonoscopy performed on Day Five of my fast, as well as the fact that my period started on Day Two; well, you can tell I'm an endurance athlete.  We routinely drive our bodies harder and harder and thus we sometimes expect too much from them at times.

So today I walked the pups and went to work, and despite my irritation from the hunger pangs, I did manage to have a productive day.  It was really difficult to rise out of the seated position, so I practiced economy of movement.  I left at 4:30 and headed home to start drinking Miralax and taking laxatives for my colonoscopy.  Then I lit a fire in the pit out back and read more fasting blogs until it was time to go inside and drink some more Miralax and water.  Those who have undergone the indignities of this procedure can feel my pain.

By 6 pm something had shifted.  I felt MUCH better.  Not from the Miralax, no, in fact that was making me slightly nauseous.  But there were no more pangs, and more importantly my energy levels were only off by like 20% as opposed to 90% like the past couple of days.  Wow, if I could only stay like this for the remainder of this fast I will definitely make it to 10 days, maybe even 14.  What this morning seemed like an insurmountable obstacle now seemed quite plausible.  This is encouraging.

So tomorrow am, Dad picks me up bright and early to take me to Penn Presbyterian Hospital for my procedure.  I took the day off from work so I could rest, since I only slept 8 hours last night and I did not nap today; I could not fall asleep in my chair at work.  When I'm eating food I have no problem doing this!

Stats: weight in am = 122.4 lbs saliva PH=6.5 urine PH = 6.25

These morning glory beauties were in bloom in the garden this evening; they bloom at night!  

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