Sunday, September 25, 2011

water fast day nine: enough already

So I woke up exhausted again, and still have diarrhea and cramps, especially when I drink water. The annoying dry cough persists, and my limbs feel like noodles; my arms dangling at my sides listlessly.  However I did feel slightly better than yesterday morning, so somehow, I have no idea how, I dragged myself and the dogs out for a walk.  Our normal 50 minute weekend route took an hour and a half.  I stopped and sat down a couple of times, but mostly it was just how slowly I was walking.  When I got home I fed them and had to take a two hour nap.

I'm irritable and bored today.  After really thinking it through, I decided to stop the fast this evening, exactly 9 days after my last meal on Friday the 16th.  I really don't think I can take another day of this and my physical symptoms seem to be indicative that my body is ready for nourishment.  I know my mind has had enough.  I agonized over this decision this morning because Fuhrman said that the *real* healing starts at 7 days, and he fasts his patients minimum 10-14 days, but then again this has been a really hard road for me and I think I have just had enough.  I am hoping enough healing has occurred by me resting my digestive system for 9 days.  And the bottom line is that after losing 13 pounds my body is getting low on reserves.  So I'm having some watermelon tonight!

My thinking about having it tonight instead of tomorrow morning is that if I have the same reaction as Celes did and the food makes me want to fall asleep for several hours, since I need to work tomorrow if I eat tonight it may even help me sleep.  And maybe I will wake up tomorrow without these horrible gut cramps.  I have slept so much the past few days but it is not always restful.  In fact the past few nights I woke up restless and agitated and had a really hard time finding a comfortable position in that my back and legs are so sore from being so sedentary.  My body is built for movement, and all this laying around is starting to have a negative effect on my moods.

So it's almost 4pm now.  I'm going to wait until 7 before I eat.  A friend is coming over shortly to slice it open for me.  I will keep you posted on my first post-fast meal.

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