Thursday, September 22, 2011

water fast day six: depletion

So I got on the scale this morning and I had lost three pounds since yesterday, two of which I gathered were the water I gained from the nasty Miralax.   I went to bed last night still feeling prettly lousy as fas as my abdomen was concerned, and it was not until I woke up an hour later at 10pm to pee that I realized the diarrhea was finally gone.  Or the worst of it that is.   I felt weak and depleted this am, my legs as wobbly as a newborn calf.

my worried dog watching over me when
I got back from the hospital yesterday
I don't know how I managed to get dressed for work and feed the dogs. I don't know how I got through the workday, or how I scooted at one pm to meet the truck and pick up the raw milk, cheese and honey.  Lifting the cooler into the car was really tough.  I am so weak and frail right now, and I know it's mostly from how sick the bowel prep medicine made me with no food in my system.  I got home and after unloading I had to explain to the dogs that I could not walk them just yet; we had to take a nap first.  Madison whined a bit but she knows something is wrong with me and she has been very concerned about this.  Last night she slept with her nose practically pressed against mine, so she could sound the alarm if I was struggling for breath.  Of course because my body is burning ketones for fuel right now I smell different to her, and my lack of energy is really stressing them both out.

Finally I forced myself to take them out and we had a nice walk although I was walking very slowly. When I got back and climbed back in bed with my book my legs ached like I had just rode 80 miles.  Weird.  I did have a dry cough today but that could have been from the dehydration; once I even coughed up some phlegm.   The diarrhea did not go away, it turns out, but since there was nothing in my colon anyway, there was not much to it but nausea along with more hunger pangs.  Like I said, a rough day.  I really have not had more detox symptoms than that: my tongue is slightly white but no thick coating, no headaches or runny nose.  My lower back is sore but that is from spending so much time in bed and slouching at my desk all day since I don't have the energy to sit up straight.  They say the real detoxing starts at 7 days.  So I'm looking forward to feeling worse tomorrow.
the same tree at dog beach in the Wissahickon pictured
above; in May, before Irene and Lee
I did get some good reading and research done, and I'm just taking this beast day by day.  It has been suggested to me that it would be a shame if I did not take this opportunity to practice meditation and I agree so that is a goal for the weekend.  I'm in the home stretch now, four days left.  It's hard to believe I have not had any food since Friday.

stats: weight in am = 118.2 lbs saliva PH = 6.75 urine PH = 6.5

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Lisa Coker said...

Please keep posting. You are an inspiration to a quiet but captivated group!