Monday, September 19, 2011

water fast day three: hello ketosis?

the first thing I'm allowed to eat 7 days from now
This morning was really tough.  I had zero energy, it was a struggle to walk.  I made my way downstairs to let the dogs out and ended up sitting on the couch for what seemed like an eternity trying to get my strength up to walk the dogs.  Which I did, and we had a beautiful walk on this lovely brisk fall morning; I think being in the September sun invigorated me a bit.  Just a bit.

When I got back I actually had to rush out the door to make an appointment in Rittenhouse Square, and I only ended up being 10 minutes late because it took me much longer than usual to walk the 7 blocks.  I enjoyed the walk though, it really was a lovely morning.  My perception has shifted a bit though; I feel like I am from another world, it's strange.  Without food to ground me I feel weak and only half in the physical world.  Walking back to the car and smelling the fried food was a little painful but I just let it pass and kept marching.

 I made it to work and actually that was not so bad.  I think having tasks to do that did not involve much physical exertion (sitting at my computer) was much better than being at home all day and struggling through chores.  Boss #2 asked me if I was OK, I looked tired.  I said, "yeah, I'm tired."  I did not tell him about my fast.

the second thing I'm going to eat
The thing that was so rough about today besides the lack of energy was that I still had several bouts of hunger pain in my gut, which was not fun.  I am craving avocados.  It bothers my stomach to drink too much water, and I have very little thirst at all.

I went to my chiropractor after work, and he adjusted me and did the painful soft tissue work on my neck back and hip.  Then finally home.

 I was  reading in bed by 8pm tonight. I'm going to try and get into work at 8 tomorrow because I have to leave at 4 to get home and start "bowel prep" for the colonoscopy I'm having Wednesday morning.  There should not be much drama there considering I will not have eaten in 4 days.  I probably should be putting my body through that stress on a fast but it was a good excuse for a day off from work.

stats: weight in am = 123.6 saliva PH = 6.75 urine PH = 6.5


max said...

Your endevour has made me much more aware of what I'm eating - shoving in my mouth so casually and thoughtlessly - when so many go hungry or even starve - thanks for giving me some perspective....

Unknown said...

I'm hoping after this exercise I will really slow down and savor my carefully chosen and prepared food instead of "gulping my food down like a Doberman" which is how one ex described my eating style.