Thursday, October 27, 2011

thank you to the guests of 2011's "harvest potluck and bonfire"

So this has been an extremely busy month, with my taxes due (yes those of us who suffer from the chronic illness "tax-filing-extensionitis" freak out on October 15th because it's the drop-dead-line), my arbitration hearing for my bike accident on Monday, a packed month at work accounting -wise as well as IT-wise as we are migrating to a new server; as well as the fact that my beloved refrigerator finally decided to resign the week before my party.  In the midst of all this, October being my favorite month, I decided to have a gathering on top of the other social engagements I insist on attending as it is October after all, a rich season of change; crisp mornings, waning daylight, falling leaves, pumpkins, and exuberant pups who are ecstatic that the humidity is dog-gone for the year.

So there you have it; I STILL have a half a dozen unfinished posts ranging in topic from the books I'm reading, my forays into eating and cooking raw, gardening, foraging, quitting coaching.... the list goes on and on.  It's only Thursday so I STILL don't have time to finish any of them, but the party took place this past Saturday and we all had a lovely time so I wanted to thank my guests and post some pictures or I will lose my audience altogether in this era of instant gratification via smartphones and Facebook.

Thank you to everyone who attended, helped me with our multiple fires, or brought everything from roasted turnips to baked wings with special orange marmalade sauce to foraged mushrooms to homemade fudge to wine.  Special thanks to my sis Sabrina who traveled from Brooklyn with a two-years supply of s'more fixins so my wonderful nieces could roast marshmallows with Max's niece and nephew.   I had to laugh when I looked back on my calendar and realized I had this same party on the exact same weekend in October of 2010.  Yes, I really do love October.  More pics are here and I will send a few to FB too, I promise.  Thank you for a lovely evening!  Enjoy.

the cats around the fire outside

Colin chillin on the couch w Alessandra & Florie

me & Kelley

Alessandra & Auntie Andrea

Dana Hanchin & Ron Ruggiero

chloe had just gotten done humping madison, we snapped too late

Jessica & Colin

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