Sunday, February 5, 2012

attention ladies! help me take back valentine's day

downstairs at Jose Garces' Distrito
Valentine's Day has a storied history  with mysterious origins in both Christianity and Paganism, and has actually been celebrated since the Middle Ages, but as far as I am concerned, today's holiday has been mass-marketed via cheap chocolates, red roses and cliches concerning cupids and arrows ad nauseum.  It has become an obligatory test of one's Romantic Quotient:  a holiday that forces us to trumpet the significance of our oh-so significant others.  Ridiculous.  I don't need a holiday to remind my man to show me some love, anymore than I need a man who needs a holiday to remind him to show me the love.

This is mainly because:

  1. Valentine's day is my birthday, so if I had a man, he has a pretty big reminder to get off his ass and take me out to dinner and get me a nice gift anyway.
  2. Alas, of all of the valentine's day birthdays I have endured since the age of 18, I have only had a boyfriend or husband on, well, let's say 33% of them.  And this year I'm not exactly bucking the trend, since I have not had a significant other (SO) now in, well, 2 years.  And that's probably not going to change anytime soon.  You can't win the lottery if you refuse to buy a ticket.

But what the heck!  It's 2012, a leap year, the beginning of the rest of our lives, and right now, my life is in perfect homeostasis without a SO mucking up the works!  So lets get out there and celebrate my forty-something birthday and inject a little excitement into an otherwise banal tuesday night.

Ladies, you are officially invited to my Anti-V-day B-day Party, part 2.

No present, no drama, no busted expectations:  Just come on out to one of my favorite restaurants, Distrito in West Philly, have a margarita and let's toast to the wide-open possibilities.  Just think, you could be going through a painful messy breakup, suffering through another dinner with a complete bore, or meeting with lawyers to work out the details of your custody arrangement; but no, in fact, you are blissfully single and looking forward to a night out with the girls.
mocha cake from SwissHaus Bakery
If that weren't enough,  I ordered us a decadent chocolate mocha cake from Swiss Haus Bakery on Rittenhouse Square so leave your gluten-free guidelines at home because you need to know what a $40 chocolate cake tastes like.  Will it be better than sex?

going out on tuesday night = bad

1. Dress cute.  
2. No gifts.  
3. Ladies only.
4. Reservations are at 7pm.  Dessert will be served around 8:30. 
5. RSVP to yours truly  before Feb 10th.

If you would like to stop by and skip dinner (although why you would want to miss dinner at one of Jose Garce's delicious establishments I don't know) just text me and let me know to expect you.  Looking foward to a night out with the girls!



Unknown said...

So now we have rocked a full table of unencumbered Goddesses for Tuesday but if any of you still want to come for dinner I'm sure I can talk them into fitting more of us in between all those smiling couples who have yet to understand that this will not be a quiet, romantic dinner. So don't let that stop you....

Tim said...

How was this? I have a gift card for any of the Garces restaurants, and was leaning towards either Amada or Chifa...

Unknown said...

It was amazing. A truly memorable evening. The food was great too. Amada if you are big on meat. I would go with Chifa. All his restaurants are exceptional.

Tim said...

It looked like the perfect place for you and your themes. Plenty of pink.

I don't do meat, but depending on who goes with me I could do Amada. I like the idea of Latin and Asian cuisine fusion, so maybe Chifa.

Thanks for the recommendations.

Tim said...

Meet me at Chifa? Help me spend this gift card?

Unknown said...

no thank you, I would prefer to keep the dating on the dating sites, and keep the blog as my sacred place to rant about them.