Thursday, July 19, 2012

another "pro" of working with a bunch of dudes

OMG this place is so boring, when are we going home?

From: Andrea Walheim 
Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 10:18 AM
To: undisclosed recipients
Subject: cleaning and some happy tips on keeping this place tidy
Importance: High

It looks like the new cleaners will be starting next Thursday the 26th.  Also the following Friday, they are coming in to clean our carpets so Chris could you try to take that weekend off so the carpets can dry? 

Some tips to prevent this place from looking like New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina while we are in-between cleaners:

  1. Do not leave food in your desk trashcans.  Rotting food attracts flies and rodents.  Food goes downstairs in the kitchen trashcan which I will change or in the dumpster.  Yes those little things flying around are fruit flies, sorry you had not noticed. 
  2. If you must pour your coffee down the upstairs bathroom(s) sink, please rinse a little water after it so we don’t have to see the residue of your Dunkin Donuts coffee for 2 weeks.  A side note, if you had sprung for some decent coffee you might have even drank it.
  3.  It’s hard to believe I have to write these two words: “courtesy flush” which for those of you who don’t know is what you do if the first flush did not quite accomplish the job and you don’t need your co-workers to see what you had for lunch yesterday.  Might be time for a cleanse.
  4. Those little scented spray bottles in all the bathrooms are for use after you are finished with #3 above, FYI .  Might as well use them, we bought them.  Don’t assume your co-workers have olfactory nerves that are as compromised as yours.
  5. So the upstairs recycling bin in the bathroom is not a place for trash or plastic bags.  Because I am nice you can leave plastic bags in my office and I will take them downstairs for you if it’s too strenuous to schlep them downstairs to the bin labeled, “plastic bags.”

Thank you, management

andrea walheim, controller
liberty flooring, llc
411 powhattan street
lester, pa 19029

....that is to say, a "pro" because I can write emails like this and not have to deal with offending anyone, or having them talk behind my back, as I did pretty immediately get some spirited responses, in writing no less.  Trust me, there are plenty of cons; i.e. perhaps if there were a co-ed staff I would not have to send out emails like this?  Not sure on that one.

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