Wednesday, September 26, 2012

the ketogenic elemental diet day 8: when does this end?

it took me a week but I had my crustacean fix fixed
Monday August 13, 2012

I just need to freakin' keto-adapt already, I mean I felt like shit today, pretty much all day.  I felt slightly better after 6pm but I think that was only because I was leaving work, where I had to force myself to stare at a computer screen all day with a very foggy brain.  My workout in the early am was so hard to get through, I only did 30 minutes on the bike and an hour in the gym; no running or swimming afterward.  I hate feeling this listless and depressed.

Today I got an email back from the gastroenterologist, Dr. Rashid, who thinks I should stop the diet because it sounds "unhealthy."  She also thinks I should try different antibiotics for the SIBO if the Mark Pimental MD protocol of Neomycin and Rifaximin did not work.

As for me, I will finish this semi-elemental diet if it kills me, and I will stay no-carb until I keto-adapt, period.  Today my blood ketones were 0.4.  I have no idea what I'm even going to eat to prevent a reoccurrence of SIBO once I start eating food again but I guess I have a few more days to think about that.  I was craving lobster and avocados today for some reason.

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