Tuesday, February 12, 2013

day 14: keto-adaptation accomplished, but what about the SIBO?

Sunday August 19, 2012

This morning I went on another road ride, even though after the ride yesterday I only had a teaspoonful of honey in my tea for my recovery carbs.  Not much for glycogen replenishment there.  However, perhaps by sheer force of will I kicked ass on today's ride considering my only carb dose was the same mix of coconut juice, fresh-pressed watermelon juice (pulp strained out) and a splash of tart cherry juice.  I also sucked down an entire flask of raw honey.  I can tell my body has keto-adapted  because I can pull up front at sub-LT power and still be burning a much higher percentage of fat than before I started this experiment.  My metabolic efficiency has really increased.  My average power for the ride was squarely in the endurance zone so I was happy.

Later in the day however, my mood tanked, and I'm not sure why.  Mostly likely because  my body was so tired after the ride and dog walk, or it could have been my disgust that I wasted an entire Saturday afternoon and evening on a weekend when I have a ton of stuff to do with some stranger that now I have to cut loose.  I should be delighted that all of my goals for this diet have been met: I made it the entire 14 days, I'm lean, I worked out my new Paleo diet, I food shopped, I took care of my work and my animals, and I am proud of myself.  However, the original reason I went on this diet was to cure my SIBO that was resistant to Rifaximin and Neomycin, and I think I'm truly terrified to start eating normal food again.  I'm afraid to be back in the same damn place.  Well, at least I learned we all can thrive with a lot less carbohydrate in our diets.  Trust me if I can do it as an endurance athlete, you can too.


BethM said...

Hi Andrea! I just found your blog while searching for how to make elemental formula for SIBO. After a year and a half of looking like I'm pregnant all the time, I finally made the connection to SIBO. I haven't gotten the breath test yet, but am devouring everything that I can in the meantime. I've been paleo for over a year (which unfortunately didn't improve my symptoms at all), tried GAPS for a few weeks (which did help, but only if I stayed on the intro diet) and have recently begun working with an integrative medicine doc (who quite frankly kind of sucks, I'm left doing all of my own research, but at least I can order the tests that I want through him).
I just wanted to follow up and see how you're doing with the SIBO these days. Did the ketogenic elemental diet help at all? Did you gain all the weight back when you started eating again? Have you tried a different combination of antibiotics?
I was elated when I realized that this mysterious condition that I've been dealing with and has caused much depression and frustration and countless tears is most likely SIBO, easily treated by a few rounds of antibiotics. But the more I read, the more it seems like that's not the case. That even if antibiotics do help at first, it is still a chronic condition that needs to be treated with a pretty strict diet and relapse is common. Would you agree?
Also, how did you go about finding a doctor to treat it? I'm sure my integrative guy has heard of it, but I'm willing to bet that he's never treated anyone with it, and I guarantee that I know more about the condition than he does.
I hope you're doing well. I really enjoyed reading your posts. I don't know where you find all of that energy to work out so hard every day! I was in awesome shape before all of my symptoms began, and was weight training heavy 3 days a week. And that was even before eating paleo. But my energy and mood levels are usually in the crapper lately, and finding clothes to wear to the gym that will somehow disguise my basketball shaped belly would probably just make me break down in tears!

- Beth

Diana said...

Hi Andrea,

I saw your post on bodyrecomp from September and I had sent you a message on there. I realized afterwards that you haven't been active on there since that post.

I'm super curious to hear about what type of diet and training you are doing now with carb cycling/low-carbs etc. I've been experimenting with CKD/UD 2.0 and I am also an endurance-type athlete (not elite) and do some crossfit on the side for fun. I had said in my post how we have similar stomach issues, and from what I gathered from your blog, similar diet style preferences! I have been a strict ovo-vegetarian (vegan at times) for the past two years up until a week or so ago when I re-incorporated fish into my daily diet (sigh). Like you had mentioned, low carb means finding other protein sources since staying strict veg is nearly impossible.

Perhaps we could talk via email if you have the time! I've been really struggling with figuring out how to map this diet/my training and I'd really appreciate it.


Unknown said...

Beth, Diana, and others who have commented on my keto/SIBO posts, I will be posting more this evening but if you would like to get in touch with me you now can by clicking on the email link in google plus. I will try to answer all your questions via the blog. Thanks for reading and reaching out! I have much to tell. A